Kjell Sundin, clarinet


A classically trained reedman with a vast knowledge of musical theory and a marvelous feeling for harmonies. Born and raised in the "Mid West" of Sweden, he got his basic jazztraining around the Campus at the University of Umeň, in the Northern part of this country. For many years he was a diligent member of the student orchestra "Reindeer Horns" and he was also on the payroll of a bunch of traditional jazzbands like the "Messjazzengers" and others.

He was one of the co-founders of Barfota Jazzmen in the middle of the 70s and he has been carrying on a heavy and important task ever since.

He says he loves George Lewis, but he doesn't sound like George Lewis. He says he likes Johnny Dodds, Archille Baquet, Sandy Brown, but he doesn't sound like any of them. And that's what it is all about in jazz; You'll have to create the style of your own.

Kjell is also fond of classical music, and you'll often find him in the reed section of a small local symphonic band.