Ma Ragtime Baby ( 1997 )


Ma ragtime baby was recorded at Samsound studios i Skorped during the weekend March  22-23th 1997. The elegant cover art was made especially for us by Bertil Åsberg.

The song Mighty Wings is an old swedish hymn "Bred dina vida vingar". The beauty of the melody made such an impression on the late great English clarinet player Chris Blount that he named one of his albums - Mighty Wings.

Songs : Ace in the hole; Gettysburgh march; Bos'n' rag; The gypsy; At a Georgia campmeeting; Whoa! You heifer!; Coquette; Barefoot blues; Bouncing around; Real pleasure; You're fooling someone; His eye is on the sparrow; Roberto Celemente; So dif'rent blues; Easy winners; Rock of ages; Ma ragtime baby; Mighty wings