Pleasant Moments ( 1994 )


Pleasant Moments was inspired by the beautiful ragtime waltz composed by the great Scott Joplin in 1909. On the cover we see the famous Shadows-on-the-Teche, one of the most wellknown plantation homes, situated at river Teche in New Iberia. Not far from the plantation Bunk Johnson enjoyed fishing...

This is a digital recording, made during the weekend 12-13th of May 1994. It was released fall 1994.

Austin Sonnier jr, well known musician and author, suggested one on of his compositions for the CD - French Quarter stroll. Naturally, we could not resist a proposal from Mr. Sonnier. The CD is still in stock.

Songs : Pleasant moments; After the ball; Dallas blues; Marta; Tuck me to sleep; Champagne rag; French Quarter Stroll; Olympia rag; When the swallows come back to Capistrano; The Chrysantemum; Are they pickin' on your baby; Salutation march; Kitchen man; My creole belle; Don't sweetheart me; Chimes blues; Silverthreads among the gold; Brown skin who you for; Holding my savior's hand.